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 The automobile assembly line is an effective combinati […]

 The automobile assembly line is an effective combination of man and machine, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It organically combines the conveying system, the accompanying fixture, the online special machine, and the testing equipment to meet the assembly requirements of automobile parts. The transmission mode of the automobile assembly line is synchronous transmission/(mandatory type) or asynchronous transmission/(flexible type). According to the choice of configuration, manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly of auto parts can be realized. Assembly lines are indispensable in the mass production of automobiles.

  With the development of the automobile industry and parts industry, the technical level of automobile assembly lines has also been greatly improved. Domestically, more and more attention is paid to the assembly and factory tests that directly affect the quality and service life of automobile products and the final link of automobile product production, which has promoted automobile products. The technical level of assembly, test process, and equipment are improved.

  1. The vehicle assembly line and the component assembly line develop towards the flexible assembly line;

  2. The filling equipment is developing in the direction of vacuum filling equipment;

  3. The test and inspection equipment of the automobile assembly line develops in the direction of microcomputer control, digitization, high precision, and automation;

  4. Special assembly equipment develops in the direction of high precision, adaptability, and automation;

  5. The use of static torque wrenches and constant torque electric wrenches to replace impact pneumatic wrenches is the development trend of assembly tools for automobile assembly lines.

  Current trends are:

  1. Robots are widely used in automobile assembly lines;

  2. Electronic computer technology is widely used in the production process;

  3. Adopt a flexible assembly line.

  It mainly includes conveying equipment used in automobile assembly lines, online equipment for major assemblies such as engines and front and rear axles, various oil filling equipment, factory inspection equipment, and various special automobile assembly line equipment.

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