Disassembly and Assembly of the Double-speed Chain Car Assembly Line


The double-speed chain car assembly line equipment does […]

The double-speed chain car assembly line equipment does not exceed some large-scale complete machines or workshops, office filing cabinets, tables and chairs, and does not need to be disassembled separately, but the production line equipment is different and needs to be disassembled. The disassembly and assembly materials and accessories cannot be confused. I have seen some customers, because the moving company's price is very low, and the assembly line is also easy to move), so after moving to the new factory, there will be some problems, such as less materials, abnormal installation, etc. Of course, after so many years of assembly line equipment in our company, half of the materials could not be installed, the belt was broken, and the production plan was misplaced, and I saw interesting disassembly.

The leather double-speed chain line is an important and special kind of equipment in this type of equipment. It is continuous during the disassembly and assembly process. Some mobile companies cut off the belt in order to facilitate the removal of the belt and then reinstall it, because there is no belt interface machine or belt interface. Accessory device, so it cannot connect.

The production line equipment in the general workshop will have many production lines, such as: lighting, sockets, power components, fans, fiber optic lines, etc., such as some mobile companies or non-professional manufacturers, do not pay attention to the production line during the equipment disassembly process, the important thing is that the motor part is easy Reinstall the main line of the line, and the line cannot be connected to the normal operation of the equipment, etc.

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