When purchasing many products, there are some points to […]

When purchasing many products, there are some points to pay attention to. They will be selected according to their own conditions, or industry conditions and standard conditions. However, automated assembly production lines are no exception. to understand the purchase points.

  Generally, the following three points need to be selected when selecting an automated assembly line.

  1. Consider product structure and assembly process:

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  When we choose an automated assembly line, we need to consider our own product structure and assembly process as the primary consideration in the layout of the assembly line equipment. Analyze and research product structure

  Research put forward suggestions for improving product structure, which can greatly simplify the production process of the assembly line equipment.

  Second, to consider the production method:

  The production method is one aspect that needs to be considered when assembling the assembly line equipment. To determine the production method, the following points should be clarified:

  1. Production program;

  2. Working system here refers to working shifts and working hours per shift;

  3. For the type of production line, it is necessary to consider whether to adopt automatic line or assembly line production, whether it is single-machine production or group production;

  4. Management methods refer to the management methods, systems, and regulations required to ensure production.

  3. Consider product technical requirements and assembly process:

  The operation of the assembly line equipment is determined according to product technical requirements and assembly process methods. The issues to be considered when selecting assembly line equipment mainly include: product production program, product quality

  Requirements, the advanced nature of the equipment, the reliability of the equipment, the price of the equipment, etc.

  Fourth, understand the operation process of the assembly line equipment:

  Only after mastering the principle of "determination" in the process of assembly line equipment operation, can the production efficiency be improved. Assembly line equipment plays an important role in industrial production and is directly related to

  Product quality and production efficiency, I believe there will be a bright future in the future development process.

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