How to Install Automatic Assembly Line?


Speaking of Automatic Assembly Line equipment, I think […]

Speaking of Automatic Assembly Line equipment, I think everyone is not unfamiliar. 

  Many factories now use assembly line equipment, which can effectively improve production efficiency and manage employees well. So how to install the assembly line? 1. In Shenzhen, some experienced staff tell everyone that when the assembly line is installed, it is best not to install too long, because it is inconvenient to manage the staff and the length of the wire used is long enough . This can easily lead to waste. And if the quality of the wires used is not good, it is also a kind of damage to the machine. 2. In order to facilitate the operation of the staff, the height of the assembly line must be well grasped when installing. Because most people are sitting, the height is generally controlled below the person's hip bone. But this is also adjusted according to height. It cannot be higher than one meter. 3. When installing, pay attention to the area occupied by the assembly line. It should be installed according to the size of the factory area. Will save the space to the end. Fourth, when the assembly line is installed, pay attention to the connection between the assembly lines. 5. When installing the assembly line, pay attention to the materials used. It is best to use better quality equipment, so that the machine is not prone to failure. Therefore, some experienced installation workers in Shenzhen also told everyone that when installing the assembly line, one should consider saving the floor space on the one hand, and on the other hand the comfort of the staff. This is also a way to improve work efficiency.

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