Future development trend of automobile assembly line


The engine is the most technology-intensive key compone […]

The engine is the most technology-intensive key component in the automobile field. During the assembly of the automobile engine, due to the diversity of the parts to be assembled and the cumbersome process, the automobile engine assembly line is particularly important. Automobile engine assembly line is a pipeline process for the sequential assembly of engines. Between each station is assembly line production. Therefore, the control of each link must have high reliability and certain sensitivity to ensure the continuity and stability of production .

Automobile engine assembly line is a pipeline process for the sequential assembly of engines. Due to the complexity of the process, the assembly line is more critical in the entire production process.

Automobile engine assembly lines mainly include final assembly lines, subassembly lines, station appliances and online tools. At the assembly line and sub-assembly line, flexible conveying lines are commonly used to transport workpieces, and automatic assembly equipment is configured on the line to improve efficiency.

Flexible conveyor lines mainly include: friction roller table and start-stop power roller table, the conveying speed is generally 3-15m / min.

The friction roller table is a continuous running mode with a constant traveling speed. A stopper is provided on the conveyor line to ensure accurate and reliable positioning. The line can be equipped with assembly trays to transport the workpieces. The trays can be placed between stations, and one station can store multiple trays. Specially processed roller surfaces can also be used for pallet-free transportation.

The start-stop conveyor roller table only starts the roller table operation when the workpiece needs to be conveyed. In order to start and stop smoothly, a frequency conversion motor is usually used. There is no need to set a stopper between the stations, but each station needs to be driven separately. Regardless of whether the pallet is configured or not, the workpiece can only be placed according to the set station. High, but long service life and low energy consumption, usually used for transportation of heavy assembly lines.

The roller transmission mode is bevel gear or chain drive. Driven by a reduction motor, the operation is stable and reliable, the noise is low, and no daily maintenance is required. The longitudinal beam of the roller table can be made of aluminum alloy material or steel plate, and the cover plate and the outer cover plate are laid. The special machine station is provided with a protective net, and the entire line is beautiful in appearance.

The use of the engine tray can adapt to the assembly needs of various models, flexible operation, and meet the needs of ergonomics.

The automation equipment on the assembly line mainly includes automatic marking machine, tightening machine, automatic turning machine and other special assembly equipment, which can greatly improve the assembly capacity of the assembly line.

At present, the assembly line generally adopts the field bus control method, and controls the operation of the assembly line and completes the communication between the stations through the distributed I / O on the spot. The establishment of on-site information monitoring system adopts Ethernet and other methods to complete the functions of information collection, production scheduling, station monitoring and assembly prompting on the assembly line.

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