Main Equipment of Car Assembly Line


The car assembly line mainly includes conveying equipme […]

The car assembly line mainly includes conveying equipment used in automobile assembly lines, equipment on-line of major assemblies such as engines and front and rear axles, various oil filling equipment, factory inspection equipment and various special automobile assembly line equipment.
1. Conveying equipment: used for the transportation of the automobile assembly line, the assembly line of each assembly, and the on-line transportation of the large assembly;
2. On-line equipment for the large assembly line of the automobile: refers to the conveying and hoisting equipment used by the engine, front axle, rear axle, cab, wheel and other assemblies in the subassembly, assembly, and delivery to the general assembly line and on-line at the corresponding station;
3. Various oil filling equipment: including fuel, lubricating oil, detergent, coolant, brake fluid, refrigerant and other automobile assembly line filling equipment;
4. Factory inspection equipment: toe test bench, side slip test bench, steering test bench, headlamp detector, brake test bench, speedometer test bench, exhaust gas analyzer;
5. Special automobile assembly line equipment: car number marking machine, screw fastening equipment, special equipment for wheel assembly, automatic glue applicator, hydraulic bridge loading trolley, etc.

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