Precautions for Starter Assembly Line Operation


The starter assembly line operation is either fast or g […]

The starter assembly line operation is either fast or good. Its actions must be of added value. Therefore, it depends on whether the actions are simple and concise. Therefore, the concept of economic principles of actions is required. Simply put, the actions of human hands can be divided into moving and holding. Taking, letting go, pre-positioning, assembling, using, and decomposing, there is also a kind of mental function. Strictly speaking, only two actions have added value: assembling and using. Therefore, under the condition of meeting production requirements, Try to eliminate or simplify other actions. The principles are as follows:

1. Movement: Make the material automatically reach the desired position, shorten the moving distance, reduce the weight of the items to be moved, avoid things around the moving path that will hinder the movement, and let the material box tilt to shorten the distance around the edge.

2. Grip: The materials in the material box should be discharged as neatly as possible. Do not pile up messy, and reserve space for holding things that are inconvenient to take.

3. Front: Same as holding, the materials in the material box can be discharged neatly, and don't pile up in disorder.

4. Assemble: Replace manual work with tools.

5. Use: Make machinery fully automated, etc.

6. Mental function: Use machinery to replace human judgment and reduce the movement of the operator's eyes.

Precautions for assembly line installation:

The graphic design of the assembly line should ensure that the transportation route of the parts is the shortest, the production workers are convenient to operate, the auxiliary service department is convenient to work, the production area is most effectively used, and the mutual connection between the assembly line installation should be considered. In order to meet these requirements, the form of the assembly line and the arrangement method of the assembly line installation work site should be considered when the assembly line is laid out.

The arrangement of worksites during assembly line installation must conform to the process route. When the process has more than two worksites, the arrangement of worksites for the same process must be considered. Generally, when there are two or more even-numbered work sites of the same kind, a double-row arrangement should be considered, and they should be listed in two examples of transportation routes. However, when a worker takes care of multiple devices, consider making the distance of the worker's movement as short as possible.

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