The Benefits of Semi-Automating Your Automatic Assembly Line


When your company is in the growth stage it is importan […]

When your company is in the growth stage it is important to migrate to technologies that can handle a higher level of production.
Thus, the traditional or manual palletizing that was previously demanded by the market, begins to fall short so it is recommended to have your areas divided in addition to semi-automating your assembly line to be able to specialize in the relevant processes to give the width of your production.

Thus, a breaking point can be reached where it is no longer possible to handle the processes as in the beginning, so you have to make a leap to mechanization that can take the product in your Automatic Assembly Line from one point to another.

You can achieve this mechanization with:

Its basic function is to transfer or accumulate products and they are used when the flows are considerable to carry out the operation manually or by other methods.
Thus, the conveyors will give you a synchronous rhythm within your assembly line, having the freedom to mold the work stations according to the time the product will be in front of the workers.

They are a technology that provides the ability to perform unit movements of various types of products. Frequently, but not always, they handle heavy loads, in repetitive paths.

AGVs are more flexible since they can be synchronous or asynchronous, in addition to being able to regulate the time and height depending on the operation you need to perform in your assembly line. In this way you can have an increase in the quality of your products and greater control of all these processes.

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