The Development Of Car Assembly Line


With the development of the automobile industry and the […]

With the development of the automobile industry and the parts industry, the technical level of the automobile assembly line has also been greatly improved. Domestic attention has been paid to the assembly and factory testing that directly affects the quality and service life of automobile products and the final link of automobile production, which promotes automobile products. The improvement of assembly, test technology and equipment technology level.

1. The car assembly line and parts assembly line are developing in the direction of flexible assembly line;
2. The filling equipment develops towards the vacuum filling equipment;
3. Automobile assembly line test and inspection equipment is developing towards microcomputer control, digitalization, high precision and automation;
4. The development of special assembly equipment towards high precision, adaptability and automation;
5. Substituting static torque wrenches and fixed torque electric wrenches to replace impact pneumatic wrenches is the development trend of assembly tools for automobile assembly lines.

The current development trend is:
1. Robots are widely used in automobile assembly lines;
2. Electronic computer technology is widely used in the production process;
3. Adopt flexible assembly line.

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