The brake assembly line is one of our products. Let me […]

The brake assembly line is one of our products. Let me introduce the function of the automatic assembly line.

  1. Assembly quality control: In order to improve the quality and consistency of product assembly, the production line uses various sensors to monitor the products in the assembly process in real time, such as monitoring the riveting height, assembly direction, tightening torque, pressing force and stroke of the product. etc., which prevents unqualified phenomena such as missing or wrong installation caused by human factors during the assembly process of the product;

  2. Data statistics and analysis: The production line has the ability to automatically count the output and the corresponding quantity of qualified and unqualified products for assembly. All data can be stored or transmitted to the internal system designated by the customer through the network, and the relevant production information can also be displayed on the production line in real time. on the display above;

  3. Traceability system: The products assembled on the production line are traceable. Each product can automatically generate a QR code or barcode during the assembly process. This code will store all data related to the assembly of the product, for example, record the specific assembly time. And the operator on duty, performance data and assembly parameters, etc.;

  4. Ergonomics/safety protection: In order to reduce operator fatigue, engineers pay attention to every detail in product design. In order to protect the safety of operators to the greatest extent, a large number of safety elements are used in the production line, such as safety light curtains, plexiglass or metal nets and warning signs, etc.;

  5. Recycling system for unqualified products: If there are unqualified products during the assembly process, the equipment will automatically identify and alarm and lock the corresponding unqualified products. It must be manually unlocked and thrown into the corresponding unqualified product box. The device can continue to operate.

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