What is the Assembly Line?


The assembly line refers to a continuous production lin […]

The assembly line refers to a continuous production line connected by some material handling equipment. The main spirit is to "let a certain production unit only focus on processing a certain piece of work", instead of traditionally letting a production unit complete a product from upstream to downstream.

The assembly line is an effective combination of humans and machines, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It organically combines the conveying system, the accompanying fixture, the online special machine, and the testing equipment to meet the assembly requirements of a variety of products. The transmission mode of the assembly line can be synchronous transmission/(mandatory) or non-synchronous transmission/(flexible). According to the choice of configuration, manual assembly or semi-automatic assembly can be realized. The assembly line is indispensable in the mass production of enterprises.

Assembly line process flow:

The task of formulating assembly line process regulations is to determine the organization of the assembly line based on the original data such as product drawings, technical requirements, acceptance standards, production guidelines, and existing production conditions. The formulation of assembly-line process regulations plays an important role in ensuring assembly quality, improving assembly production efficiency, reducing labor intensity and reducing production costs. The assembly line process regulations refer to the technical documents that stipulate the assembly content, sequence, operation methods and inspection items in the form of documents, which are used as the basis for guiding assembly work and organizing assembly production.

1. Formulate the basic principles of the assembly line process and the original materials to reasonably arrange the assembly sequence, minimize the fitter's assembly workload, shorten the assembly line's assembly cycle, improve assembly efficiency, and ensure the product quality of the assembly line. These series of requirements are the basic principles of the assembly line process. The original materials for formulating the assembly process are the technical standards for product acceptance, the production program of the product, and the existing production conditions.

2. The content of the assembly line process specification, analyze the product assembly drawing of the assembly line, divide the assembly unit, determine the assembly sequence and assembly method of each component; determine the assembly technical requirements, inspection methods and inspection tools of each process on the assembly line; select and design in the assembly The tools, fixtures and special equipment required in the process; determine the transportation method and means of transportation of parts and components during assembly line assembly; determine the time quota for assembly line assembly.

3. The steps of formulating assembly line process regulations are to analyze the original product data on the assembly line; determine the organization of the assembly line; divide the assembly unit; determine the assembly sequence; divide the assembly process; prepare assembly process documents; formulate product inspection and test specifications.

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