Why Not Know Important Things On Car Assembly Line?


On the car assembly line, we turn the Panamera and Maca […]

On the car assembly line, we turn the Panamera and Macan bodies into vehicles that are in a class of their own. Meeting our customers’ wishes and desires is our priority here. Hardly any of our vehicles are identical, because at Porsche we offer a degree of customization which is usually only found in manufacturing.

To guarantee efficient, high-capacity production in the face of such complex tasks, professional logistics is key. Consequently, we rely on a “just-in-sequence” strategy (JIS), which means that the sequence of vehicle bodies delivered to our factory corresponds exactly to the production sequence. System suppliers deliver pre-assembled and model-specific components at the same time. As a result, we can implement the proven concept of lean inventories.

1.Interior line

This is the first step on the assembly line, when the doors are removed from the bodies in order to work on them separately on the door line. If the doors were to remain on the vehicle, many of the subsequent interior line assembly steps could not be performed. Following this step, the cockpit, one of the largest complete modules, is installed in the Macan and Panamera. Depending on version and fitting, a cockpit may consist of up to 200 individual parts, weigh between 50 and 90 kilos and have a combined cable length of about 3 kilometers. Our colleagues on the assembly line perform this precision work using a handling device which is docked to the cockpit and allows them to guide the cockpit into the vehicle.

Other components assembled in this step include sliding or panorama roofs, control units and the rooflining, including grab handles and sun shades. The final step on the interior line is training the key, which is put into the ignition here for the first time.

2.Door line

All components belonging to the side doors of Macan and Panamera are fitted here. This includes windows, outside mirrors, exterior door handles and door locks as well as seals, frame trims and the interior trim. At the beginning of the process, a door weighs approx. 8 kilos. After assembly, a complete door weighs around 25 kilos or more.

3.Underbody line

Here we complete the assembly of the underbody of both models, including brake and fuel lines and all kinds of cable harnesses. Fuel tank and park heating are also fitted into place here.

4.Exterior line

On the exterior line, robots fit the front and back windows and bond them into place. In addition, the Porsche crest is placed on the Macan and Panamera models. At the end of the exterior line the completed doors are once again fitted onto the body. Once they have passed this last part of the pre-assembly, the vehicles are conveyed to the mix line for final assembly.


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