Why Should You Use UNEX Flow Cells In the Automatic Assembly Line?


If you are looking to reduce inventory and space, while […]

If you are looking to reduce inventory and space, while boosting productivity, UNEX Flow Cells are a great start. They provide substantial benefits to your assembly environment in the Automatic Assembly Line, including:

Housekeeping – 5S is a housekeeping method for the shop floor consisting of 5 rules that eliminate waste and foster a lean environment. The five S’s are organization, orderliness, cleanliness, standardization, and discipline. Flow Cells help you have a place for everything and everything is in its place, drastically reducing the clutter that can slow down the assembly line activity and eat up valuable workspace.

Compact Plant Layout – Flow Cells are modular flow rack systems that can be specifically designed to a manufacturer's unique needs. This allows Flow Cells to be configured to fit smaller footprints than other material handling solutions typically present on an assembly line. A minimized footprint means storing more parts and product lineside while increasing the available space on the line for value-added activities.

Streamline Movements - Flow Cells streamline movements of product through the assembly process by ensuring the fewest number of non-value added activities take place on the assembly line. Identifying and eliminating (or at least reducing) non-value added activity is the key to streamlining a manufacturing process on the assembly line.

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