8 Principles of Car Assembly Line Layout


The reasonable layout of the company’s previous car ass […]

The reasonable layout of the company’s previous car assembly line and assembly line determines the degree of automation and production efficiency of this assembly line in the future. How to arrange the assembly line reasonably, the assembly line body has become a crucial factor for the success or failure of a factory automation. The following is a simple consideration of the assembly line and assembly line layout from eight angles.

   Product structure and assembly process design are the primary considerations in assembly line design. Analyzing and researching the product structure and putting forward suggestions for improving the product structure can greatly simplify the assembly production process.


  The choice of assembly process equipment is determined according to product technical requirements and assembly process methods. The correct selection of process equipment and tooling can not only improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, but also rationalize the layout of the assembly line. The issues to be considered when selecting process equipment include: product production program; product quality requirements; advancement of equipment; reliability of equipment; equipment price; equipment utilization rate; equipment safety; equipment maintenance convenience.


   People are one of the factors of production and a living factor, and they are highly mobile, so they need to be trained to adapt to the requirements of the job. When arranging the assembly line, it is necessary to consider having good and safe working conditions, creating a better working environment, and helping to improve labor enthusiasm.

4.Logistics and transportation

   Material flow is completed by transportation. Material transportation is indispensable in factories, and we should choose economical and reasonable transportation methods. It can be concluded that the amount of material movement depends on its production factors. The layout of the assembly line must ensure the shortest material flow distance, and always flow to the end of the product assembly, and establish a control system to ensure the flow of materials.

5.Production method

The production method is an aspect that needs to be considered when designing the assembly line. To determine the production method, the following points should be clarified: production program; work system, here refers to the working shifts and working hours of each shift; the type of production line, it is necessary to consider whether to use automatic or assembly line production, which is a single machine Production is still cluster production; management methods refer to the management methods, systems and regulations required to ensure production.

6.Warehousing and auxiliary facilities

   The material flow always flows to the end of the assembly process, but whenever the material is interrupted, there will be a production stoppage. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of reserves to ensure the flow of material flow, which is economical and reasonable in terms of maintaining production and balancing process capacity. In order to solve the storage problem, the necessary storage warehouses and storage places need to be established. In addition, auxiliary equipment provides maintenance and services for production and also plays an important role in production.

7.Plant structure

   Once the factory building is established, its variability is relatively small, so it should be carefully considered in the design, and the factory structure should be determined according to the production characteristics. If there are special requirements in the assembly process, the workshop shall be specially designed. Generally, general-purpose workshops should be adopted, and multi-storey workshops should be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of assembly process and land occupation.

8.Flexible and variability of assembly line design

  In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, our product structure and output are changing rapidly and frequently, which will affect the layout of the assembly line. With the advancement of science and technology, the adoption of new technology and new equipment also requires us to adjust the layout of the old assembly line. For this reason, the feasibility of factory development and change should be considered when doing graphic design, and the assembly line layout should have flexibility, adaptability and versatility.

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