Advantages and Disadvantages of Starter Assembly Line Production


Within starter assembly line production, there are vari […]

Within starter assembly line production, there are various advantages and disadvantages that include the following:

Advantages of Assembly Line Production - Production or assembly lines enable manufacturers to effectively produce large quantities of items in a timely and efficient manner. Workers and machines perform specific task that build a portion of the product as it moves down the line, ultimately becoming the finished product once the process is completed. Assembly line production works in favor of economies of scale, which refers to the reduction in the average cost that it takes to make a production due to an increase in production.
Disadvantages of Assembly Line Production - One of the main disadvantages to assembly line production is its inability to control waste and financial loss within the assembly line. Large production lines often include expressive assembly machines that are only economic for manufacturers to utilize at higher outputs. Having said that, large production runs increase chances for manufacturing mistakes that produce defective products a manufacturer can’t sell. Big production outputs also may leave manufacturers stuck with a substantially large amount of products that can not be sold due to a drop in consumer demand.
Now that we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of assembly line production, we can move forward to batch production.

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