We are a professional assembly line manufacturer, the f […]

We are a professional assembly line manufacturer, the following will introduce the conditions and assembly properties of the engine assembly line.

  1. General technical conditions for motorcycle engines

  (1) Basic requirements:

  1. The engine shall be manufactured in accordance with the product drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures, and shall be

  Comply with the relevant standards.

  2. The manufacturer should provide the main technical specifications of the engine.

  3. The capacity of the lubricating oil device should be able to continuously operate under 50% of the rated power and corresponding speed conditions.

  Run for 10h without refueling.

  4. The volume mixing ratio of gasoline and lubricating oil for two-stroke engines should not be less than 25:1.

  5. The engine should be able to work under various normal tilting states of the vehicle.

  6. The main parts and wearing parts (including accessories) of the same type of engine should be interchangeable.

  Second, the type of motorcycle engine assembly

  1. Assembly properties:

  Assembly in motorcycle engine manufacturing can be divided into partial assembly and final assembly. Parts

  There are many parts and components of motorcycle engines, and there are many process equipments.

  The assembly line is long and the technical requirements are high, so it is usually called the engine final assembly.

  Different assembly properties have different assembly process requirements.

  2. Production program and production rhythm:

  The production program refers to the annual output; the production rhythm refers to the time to produce each product,

  It is also expressed in terms of class output.

  The finalized motorcycle engine products are generally mass-produced. sometimes

  For trial production or trial production, there are also small batches and mass production.

  The production program is different, the assembly process is different.

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