steering gear assembly line is one of our produ […]

        steering gear assembly line is one of our products. According to the production program and rhythm, production nature, cost estimation of assembly, and other factors, there can be different assembly organization forms.

  ①Fixed assembly:

  This form of assembly organization is used when a single piece or smaller batch is produced for assembly, or when a component is assembled. It can be divided into the following two forms:

  A. Centralized fixed assembly: It means that the assembly personnel and the workpiece are concentrated in a fixed assembly operation position to complete all the assembly work of the product.

  B. Decentralized fixed assembly: It means that the assembled products are placed in several fixed assembly operation positions; the assembly personnel are grouped, and each group only completes part of the assembly work at each position, and the entire assembly work is completed by several groups of personnel. This is a form of assembly organization that "flows" people and does not "flow" things.

  ②Mobile assembly:

  Mobile assembly can be divided into free moving assembly and forced moving assembly.

  A. Free-moving assembly: refers to the accompanying fixture used for assembly on the assembly line, and there is no mandatory mechanism for regular movement of the assembly organization. This is more practical in medium and small batch production.

  B. Forced mobile assembly: It has two forms:

  I. Continuous moving assembly: It means that the assembly accompanying fixture is continuously moving.

  II. Intermittent moving assembly: It means that the assembly accompanying fixture is moved intermittently at regular intervals.

  ③Single variety assembly:

  It refers to the assembly of only one variety of engine products on an assembly line. If you want to install another variety, you must stop production and prepare it before proceeding.

  ④Mixed assembly form:

  It refers to an assembly line that can assemble several varieties of products at the same time. This assembly line is operated by a computer control system, which prepares and divides materials according to human instructions. According to different shots, assemble different products.

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