Introduction to Automatic Assembly Line System


A complete set of automation control systems, specializ […]

A complete set of automation control systems, specializing in the design, development and production of fully automatic special automation equipment, industrial robots, and automated production lines, and provide corresponding technical consultation and after-sales service. The product quality is stable, and compared with imported equipment, it has the characteristics of low price, easy maintenance, and the technology is at the leading domestic level and the international advanced level. The robot configuration algorithm for automated assembly lines solves the problem of robot configuration on an assembly line with an unknown cycle and a fixed number of workstations. It establishes a division of labor and applies it to the assembly line, so that robots can achieve maximum utility and reduce product production cycles. Provide an operational computer-aided flexible assembly line robot configuration system.

According to the product characteristics, the whole assembly line adopts the scheme of direct asynchronous conveying and direct positioning of the bottom plate; according to the content of the operation and the production rhythm, the production process flow combining tree structure, series structure and parallel structure is adopted; And the characteristics of phased implementation, the use of the upper-level control and the unit control of the secondary computer distributed control method, plus the unit control of the operation panel and the fault detection warning system, make the entire control system more complete. The mechanical, control, pneumatic and other systems of the entire assembly line all adopt the building block combination structure, which reflects the modularization and serialization design ideas. The automated production assembly line is composed of process system equipment such as distribution, assembly, testing, aging, and packaging. Flexible operation equipment such as intelligent special plane and distributed programmer (PLC) combination; realize efficient production automation.

Widely used in home appliances, food, plastics, hardware, electronics, motorcycles, automobiles and other industries.

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