Normal Maintenance of Alternator


The no-load test run shall be conducted once a week for […]

The no-load test run shall be conducted once a week for 10-15 minutes, so as to find problems in time and ensure that the battery has sufficient capacity for the generator to start.

  1. Before maintenance, cut off the automatic air switch of the generator, place the main switch at the stop position, disconnect the positive and negative power lines of the battery, and confirm that the generator cannot be started.
  2. Check the electrolyte level of the battery. If it is insufficient, add sulfuric acid solution or distilled water according to its concentration.
  3. Calculate the cumulative operation time from the generator to the last maintenance. The air filter should be cleaned every 50 hours, and the oil filter, diesel filter and water filter should be replaced every 250 hours.
  4. Check the unit for water and oil leakage, and clean the generator body.
  5. Connect the battery power cord and connector, and the test fault indicator should be on.
  6. Check whether the grounding wire is in good condition.
  7. Check the operation of the exhaust fan in the machine room and whether the diesel oil is enough to run for eight hours.
  8. Check whether the cold water level and oil level are normal.
  9. After the manual test run is normal, turn on the automatic air switch of the generator, switch the main switch to the automatic starting position, conduct a simulated power failure test, and observe the automatic starting condition of the generator.
  10. Operate the generator with load for one hour, and observe whether the instrument indication and unit operation are normal.
  11. Fill in operation records and maintenance records.

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