Make Smart Use of the Data Available On Your Car Assembly Line


Sometimes the conversation around IIoT/I4.0 doesn’t qui […]

Sometimes the conversation around IIoT/I4.0 doesn’t quite drill down to the granular level that can be the most helpful for manufacturers—the part production data.

This is the data generated by a part in production from each process and test. Manufacturers are swamped by reams of it, but many have yet to understand and appreciate its utility and take full advantage of it.

We believe in enabling deeper understanding of your part production process by capturing data in the way of digital process signatures from each cycle. A digital process signature is a visual representation of everything that happened through every millisecond of that manufacturing operation on a particular part.

Each combination of a part and a process is unique and the signature is repeatable and consistent when a process or a test cycle completes within its acceptable parameters. A signature that does not match the established norm indicates a flawed process and a defective part.

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