Two Scenarios of Common Alternator Assembly Line Issues


1. Over (or Under) Producing Due to a Change in Demand […]

1. Over (or Under) Producing Due to a Change in Demand
The Issue

Are dramatic changes in your industry forcing you to rethink your manufacturing strategies? There is a new landscape emerging that requires manufacturers to move and change at lightning speed. Whether you’re experiencing changes in the market for lower (or higher) demand for specific products, an inflexible assembly line and lack of proper tools makes rebalancing your assembly line costly and time consuming.

The Solution

Rapidly accommodate production schedule changes due to spikes in customer demand with eFlex Assembly. You can easily rebalance your assembly line within hours to meet changing demands with eFlex Assembly’s Process Configuration Tool and its “plug-n-play” hardware and software architecture.

2. Diminishing Returns on Lean Manufacturing Efforts
The Issue

If your company has successfully embraced lean methods for alternator assembly line, but is now seeing diminishing returns from your Kaizen efforts, it may be time for a paradigm shift to keep PDCA moving.

The Solution

Stop “splitting hairs” in continuous improvement efforts and take the next step in lean assembly with technology. The technological advancements of eFlex Assembly can take you to the next level and provide a complete solution for your assembly operations.

The modular design makes rebalancing or reconfiguring the line simply a matter of unplugging and re-plugging the equipment.
Perform line changes with the Process Configuration Tool, instead of ladder logic.
Validate a change with the Process Improvement Tool.
Run line balance scenarios offline with the Process Engineering Tool. The software is all pre-written and validated, which eliminates development and debugging when rebalancing the line.

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